вторник, 12 декабря 2017 г.

Audi of America marks November sales increase

Audi of America, a unit of AUDI AG, reports a November sales increase of 12 percent to 19,195 deliveries, as the Q7, new Q5 and the new-to-the U.S. A5 Sportback, lead consumer demand.
Consumer demand for the new Q5 and Q7 helped drive November’s sales increase. Deliveries of the Q5 were up 31 percent to 5,467. The Q7 deliveries increased to 3,292, and have now increased 23 percent year-to-date. SUV sales for Audi increased 23 percent to 10,351. Read more

Porsche aims to launch multiple variants of its all-electric Mission E

Green car sales are on the rise. Nearly every mainstream automaker has or is working on a fully-electric vehicle to meet ever-increasing customer demands. Porsche has yet to launch its first all-electric car, the Mission E, but it is already warming up to electric cars after seeing demand switching to the hybrid versions of its vehicles. Now, they say that they are even working on all-electric ‘derivatives of the Mission E’. The German automaker announced that around 60 percent of all new Panamera models in Europe were equipped with a hybrid drive.
Worldwide, the Panamera E-Hybrid makes up 60 percent of that model’s sales. In Scandinavia, that number jumps to 90 percent. Demand is only going to grow as different regions begin to offer tax incentives and other bonuses for driving electric or electrified vehiclesPorsche is pivoting, setting up the Mission E to reach an even wider audience than originally predicted. Porsche wants to sell 20,000 Mission E sedans each year. Considering the success of cars like the Tesla Model S, it doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch. Read more

пятница, 8 декабря 2017 г.

2012 Kia Soul for sale!

4 Door Wagon, automatic transmission, FWD, 2.0L 4cyl, gasoline, 252652 miles. The handling is outstanding for how high the profile of the vehicle is. The wide stance of the car allows it to handle amazing! The storage capabilities are outstanding as well! With the rear seats folded down you can haul an amazing amount of stuff. Moreover, it’s roomy enough that you can fit 5 adults in it! More details here: https://repokar.com/car/4868/Kia/Soul/Texas/Pearland/2012-Kia-Soul

четверг, 7 декабря 2017 г.

November electric car sales decline as customers await new Leaf

For those who prefer to purchase green cars, the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 and the new-generation Nissan Leaf electric vehicles can’t come soon enough. U.S. sales of hybrids and plug-in vehicles last month fell from year-earlier totals, as Tesla customers awaited deliveries of the Model 3, whose 310-mile single-charge range was confirmed by the U.S. EPA last week, while Nissan was preparing to sell the 2018 model-year Leaf. November’s domestic electric car sales, which had been up more than 8 percent through October, declined 1.9 percent to almost 39,000 units. Plug-in vehicle sales were up, though by only 3 percent to about 14,000 units.
Front and center was Nissan, whose new-generation Leaf sales have gotten off to a great start in Europe but whose 2017 Leaf sales all but disappeared, plunging 88 percent from a year earlier to just 175 vehicles. Ford, that had been tracking ahead of 2016 figures all year, also had a rough month, with green-car sales declining 14 percent to 6,301 units, as Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid sales dropped 60 percent and 27 percent, respectively, from a year earlier. Read more

The amazing 1954 Jaguar D-Type race car goes up for auction!

The end of the year is fast approaching, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is done, and the mutual fund you help manage is paying out some serious bonuses. What do you do with all that sweet cash? Well, if it’s over seven figures, we suggest hanging on to it until January when it could help you buy this amazing 1954 Jaguar D-Type race car.
We guess you’ve heard of the D-Type. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s Jaguar‘s famous race car that gave birth to the road-going XKSS, one of which was owned by Steve McQueen. The D-Type was known for its successes on the track, and frequent appearances at Le Mans, with a victory at the endurance race in 1956. This particular car also raced there in 1954 with the Jaguar factory team, and behind the wheel was Sir Stirling Moss. According to RM Sotheby’s, it led the race for a major chunk, but eventually retired due to brake issues. Read more

вторник, 5 декабря 2017 г.

Automakers predicted a competitive December

Major automakers predicted a competitive December as they rushed to sell cars and boost their numbers before 2017 ends. Most of them posted mixed U.S. November new car sales. Now they’re trying to sell down 2017 model-year vehicles, offering high discounts to consumers as the year-end nears. In 2016, the industry reported record annual sales of 17.55 million units.
Discounts have been above 10 percent of the average transaction price for 16 of the past 17 months. The National Automobile Dealers Association expects new vehicle sales to decline to 16.7 million units in 2018, after dropping to 17.1 million for the full year in 2017. If that forecast comes true, the race to move new vehicles off dealers’ lots will only intensify next year. A worrying trend for the automotive industry was a rising number of subprime loans. Subprime levels are at just over 20 percent of originations, against more than 30 percent prior to the Great Recession, but recent increases remain a concern. Read more

The 2019 Lamborghini Urus is officially the fastest SUV in the world

Lamborghini launches its flawless Urus SUV, creating a new niche in the luxury segment with benchmarking power, performance and driving dynamics, unparalleled design, luxury and daily usability. The Lamborghini Urus features a 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine delivering 650 hp (478 kW) at 6,000 rpm, maximum 6,800 rpm, and 850 Nm of maximum torque already at 2,250 rpm. With 162.7 hp/l the 2019 Urus claims one of the highest specific power outputs in its class and the best weight-to-power ratio at 3,38 kg/hp.
The Lamborghini Urus accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 12,8 seconds and with a top speed of 305 km/h it is the fastest SUV available. Its low-line coupé styling and commanding road position belie the very comfortable ride, higher ground clearance, and luxurious space within together with the latest technologies. The 2019 Urus provides easy driving in the city, maximum comfort during long journeys, thrilling super sports car dynamics on the road and track, and versatile off-road abilities in a range of environments. Read more

понедельник, 4 декабря 2017 г.

2018 Saleen 1 revealed at LA Auto Show

The Saleen 1 was finally unveiled at the LA Auto Show as a compact, elegant mid-engine sports car that looks surprisingly finished coming from such a low-volume manufacturer. Although the car displayed at the auto show is just a prototype, we were surprised at how good it looks in person slathered in a dynamic orange paint. Even its leather-swathed interior didn’t have the usual glued-together toy-like appearance expected of cars like this.
Moving away from the high-powered exclusivity of its previous model, the Saleen S7, the Saleen 1 (or S1) will be a lightweight sports car. It will cost only $100,000 USD. With a mid-mounted 2.5-litre turbo four built and tuned in-house, the car will produce 336kW and around 475Nm of torque. This will propel its approximately 1225kg body to 97km/h in about 3.5 seconds. Low weight is also helped by the Saleen’s all-aluminium tub chassis and its 100 per cent carbon fibre body. Read more

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